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Pregnancy and Pilates

The Body and Pregnancy

As the uterus expands to accommodate the growing baby, the internal organs are put under significant amount of pressure. Superficially, the center of gravity may also shift which can put mechanical stress through the muscles of the lower back and legs. Pain can be caused by a buildup of lactic acid when exercising or when the muscles are under constant stress. For pregnant woman because of the constant stress through the organs and muscles, the body may not have time to remove all the lactic acid. Resulting in muscle stiffness and pain during pregnancy.

If the constant pain isn’t enough, hormones can go wild during pregnancy. One of the main hormones active are called relaxin. This hormone allows the ligaments to stretch to allow room for the growing fetus. Coupling that with changes to posture and increased muscular stress this may lead to pinched nerves. Ultimately causing numbness and tingling. Stress hormones such as cortisol may be elevated during pregnancy which can lead to reduced sleep and emotional problems.
Expecting mother’s may also face swelling in the hands and/or feet. This is due to the body producing more fluid in the tissues to help soften the body as the baby fetus develops. As the uterus also grows to accommodate the baby, this may interfere with the blood flow and cause pooling of fluid in the extremities (legs and arm).

What are the benefits of chiropractic care?

  1. Relieve stress from the body muscles and from joints (hip/shoulder/neck/spine/limbs)
  2. Sooth nerve
  3. Reduce anxiety, stress, and improve sleep
  4. Less headaches
  5. Aids in maintaining a good posture
  6. Hip alignment for easier labour
  7. Strengthen immune system
  8. Great for fetal development, especially during 3rd trimester. As the baby grow bigger during this time, blood and lymphatic floor are essential for healthy development of the baby.

How Smile Chiropractic can help?

At Smile Chiropractic we are constantly striving to get you the best results for you and your baby. We understand that there are changes happening on the outside as well as the inside which may cause different symptoms to arise. To help you reach your results we use various techniques and tools such as chiropractic adjustments, pregnancy massage and pilates exercises.

At Smile Chiropractic we understand that driving to our practice may be out of the question. Thus, we are providing mobile services in Auckland. Pilates only at your home or Pilates with Chiropractic + Massage at your home options are available)

**Prices may vary depending on distance and services.
If you have any questions please contact us.

Pilates at home with Smile Chiropractic

Our goal is helping you to function to the best of your abilities. As most of you know, at Smile Chiropractic we are about finding the root of the problem and correcting it. However, due to limited time and misinformation we make poor habits/lifestyle decisions which ultimately leads to symptoms such as pain, fatigue and headaches to reoccur frequently.
Therefore, changing our lifestyle to assist a Chiropractic adjustment is the best way to obtain optimal health and function, even when stresses arise. With this reason, the team at Smile Chiropractic are now offering pilates. Pilates is not only a great way to keep fit but also assists in core strength and good posture. Improvements in these aspects will help hold chiropractic adjustments to help you guys function at your best.

We know your time is valuable so, we are offering mobile services and instructing lessons at your own home or preferred place. You can bring your friends or family (maximum of 4 per group) and we bring all the equipment needed, just bring some water and comfortable clothing. We personalize the sessions to your needs and conditions. If you are looking to get adjusted, we can do that also.

Times can be (Friday and Sunday afternoons (last time will be 7.30pm) (Wednesday and Saturday afternoons (last time will be 7.30pm)

Please feel free to contact us. Hope you have a lovely week 😊