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Who we are

Dr William Jang

My interest for chiropractic started during my finals years of high school. At the time I had a shoulder injury which impacted my daily life due to the pain. I went to see many health care professionals such as, acupuncturist, physiotherapists, GPs and even taking pain killers with no change. However, after seeing a local chiropractor I noticed that the pain in my shoulders were completely gone. Furthermore, I noticed an increase in my energy levels which helped me get through the day and helped me focus on my studies. After noticing the limitless health benefits from chiropractic care I gained huge respect for the profession and jumped right into it after finishing high school. My passion is to help people achieve their optimum health and well-being. Completing my studies at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, I am proficient in different skills and techniques that help me tailor the care to my client’s goals. During my time outside of the practice I love going to the gym, hiking and hanging out with my friends and family.


  • Relaxation Massage Certificate
  • Personal Training Certificate (level 4 and Level 5)
  • Pilates Instructor Certificates (Rehab,Mat,Swissball, Postural analysis, Flexiband,)
  • Dr Jenny Jang

    My journey to become a chiropractor started when I was 21. However, because I had to study English first, my journey was longer than some. Although it was not easy for me, my dream of helping others powered me to get through. Now as a chiropractor and through experience I have realized that many people don’t know their bodies quite well. I want to help people understand their bodies as I truly believe the body can become healthier once you start showing love. Everybody is different and because of this some that work for someone may not work for others. I take pride in individualizing each care plan to the person’s needs and goals thus giving the best result. I also recognize energy can hold a lot of power. When someone under the weather enters the room, we can feel that depressing energy. On the other hand when someone bright and cheerful enters the room that energy makes us feel excited. Because of this I always try to create an atmosphere that is enjoyable and cheerful so that my patients can expect the best results.


  • Relaxation Massage certificate
  • Diploma Pregnancy Massage
  • Pilates Instructor Certificates (Rehab,Mat,Swissball, Postural analysis, Flexiband,)